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  1. TokaSan
    TokaSan Wio
    got any tank account i can play on for fun? :D
  2. Wio
    Wio ivanluu0201
    Wio in game, but I m not online a lot due my work. You can ask me somewhere, facebook, youtube @Wio Dallas
  3. ivanluu0201
    ivanluu0201 Wio
    Hi. I'm a new/returned player. What's your Lineage 2 char name so I can ask you a few questions? Thanks
  4. Wio
    Wio nathanr27
    i m not in rf reactor, i m lineage 2
  5. nathanr27
    nathanr27 Wio
    i know its not to do with u bro but do u have contact with Valsha if so can u tell him many gp waiting to be processed we are trying to gain numbers at reactor again but without valsha keeping up with gp process its hard
  6. nathanr27
    nathanr27 Buns
    hi can u tell valsha i need the link to add gp using paypal many people are waitting on process of GP thanks
  7. nathanr27
    nathanr27 HyperLynx
    how can we get in touch with valsha to add GP please, players waiting to play but cant get they donate sorted thanks
  8. nathanr27
    nathanr27 valsha
    i have private messaged you, sir valsha please correspond so i can play thank you
  9. angelscream
    thinking about return S2
  10. Midline
    Midline valsha
    Hi there sir Valsha where can I download the game launcher? It wasn't included in the game client I'd downloaded
  11. MegaShot
    MegaShot teejay
    boss . dl ko ulit client?
  12. renatoeagle
    renatoeagle valsha
    link paypal pls..... want buy GP
  13. cyralix
    cyralix valsha
    Sir Please check my PM's thank you so much
  14. cyralix
    cyralix valsha
    Sir Valsha please Read my PM's
  15. cyralix
    cyralix valsha
    sir valasha please check my private message thank you.
  16. Buns
    Buns AdmiraL
    He didn't even replied me..
  17. AdmiraL
    AdmiraL Buns
    Hi Gm Buns can you help me!can you contact valsha because he still not reply me my private message on him about my donation its almost 4days i send my donation 6-16-2016 but until now he still not reply me..im so worries here Sir! i donate 200usd because i wanna FD and buy lau darkness gloves +6.i already send my donation info.pls help me Gm thankyou sir and have a nice day!!!
  18. AdmiraL
    AdmiraL valsha
    i have private message to you sir pls.check!
  19. AdmiraL
    AdmiraL valsha
    Sir check my donation pls.and process my gp fast thankyou!
  20. AdmiraL
    AdmiraL valsha
    Pls.check my donation sir!