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  • hi can u tell valsha i need the link to add gp using paypal many people are waitting on process of GP thanks
    Hi Gm Buns can you help me!can you contact valsha because he still not reply me my private message on him about my donation its almost 4days i send my donation 6-16-2016 but until now he still not reply me..im so worries here Sir! i donate 200usd because i wanna FD and buy lau darkness gloves +6.i already send my donation info.pls help me Gm thankyou sir and have a nice day!!!
    GM i need your help..
    I just need the username ,cause I really really forgot it, the nick was [KUTSARA]..
    please tell me ASAP..
    thanks! and Good Day!
    Good day Buns!

    I was just wondering, how much GP does a cora +6 grace BM force glove cost?

    Thank you.

    GM plz check LinteChandra and Lintence (same account)
    he is duping Dagnu for create 3D elens
    plz chack thx
    sir can i ask u why my animus can't attack nick bell DodgeDodgeDodge please help me
    GM,can u help me??i have guild GAMA-OVER but i pass the GL to MimibiL so he can manage when we have GVG but so far he didnt login and when hes online i chat him but he didnt reponse..HE WONT GIVE MY GUILD BACK...PLZ HELP ME..im friend of alexa...im Nymphora and Armadon...
    GM can i ask why i am banned using stealth potion when wandering in OC... there so many mob so i use stealth potion!!! why i am banned it make invisible the char using stealth potion right?? why i am banned using that potion??
    my char is [Spec]rhaisen i using it so i can find the PL in the OC!! why that happen?? so GM can you give me the right explaination in that situation?? and why it can be banned using that potion??

    i love RF and this is the server i want to play it there is so many good players i already know :D so please can you explain why i am banned using stealth potion!! sorry i am confuse, I almost redundancy my words... T_T

    you can read the other information i write at http://www.forum.prommorpg.com/rf-general-discussions/4921-gm-can-i-ask-why-my-char-is-bannable-just-using-stealth-potion.html#post34987
    GM i think u banned wrong person u should banned TrojanzJr
    not PnDelivery gm
    please understand GM please unbanned PnDelivery :sad:
    im begging to you :sad:

    Good day

    is my kirayukumi has a chance to unbanned??

    and the reason that i banned is HIDING INSIDE MAU...

    and their opinion is i am a bugger!.....

    but its not a bug...its a strategy in PVPING with other race...
    and i opened my mau and i go inside my mau so other races cant clicked my name easily!!!!

    and its not a cheat....not a glitch or bugg.....

    pls understand GM""

    i will w8 for ur message thnx

    GM if thats ACC duper why u banned PnDelivery too?
    i think PnDelivery right.... he never dupe
    Sir, please Clearing my name, im never use FH...that character just make for banned someone...thats a new character, still lvl 1, i make that character today...u can check ive got different IP with the real hacker,Thx before...:)
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