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  • Even if you went to England you still dont know english, 1 more post and u're banned, trust me.
    It's juse useless what you are doing! It's called spam and criticize my work !
    It was just an mistake, i told you, one more time you flame my posts or so you will get banned permament this time.
    ok,let's see.first of all you don't even play x50 server.second you don't care about players problems,third u even dare to edit blaze photos and to talk to players in his name. and you keep spamming threads with useless posts. So u forgot about last ban? and the fact that u already got 2 infractions? well as i know from blaze 3rd infraction will end in a permanent ban.
    please consider it like changing your behaviour..

    Zaczalem wczoraj na tym servie i zastanawiam sie gdzie sa wszyscy nasi rodacy, normalnie na kazdym wiekszym servie jest nas duza masa a tu... no coz ciezko kogokolwiek spotkac, biore poprawke tez na to, ze we wspolczesnym swiecie rodacy biora angielskie ksywki i nazwy klanow..
    Jak to wyglada w tym przypadku, mamy tutaj jakies aktywne polskie klany?
    Email blaze and ask him about his system anti bot.
    and stop spam clueless boy
    I'll delete every thread that are made just to flame me.
    blaze will log and will see all ur threads.dont worry.
    go ask blaze about out system anti-bot.and than talk like "boss" in forum.
    I`m not newbie helper in game.so i can flame you as much as i want.
    So what's your new class?Since i can't log in game i'm just curious =)
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