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  • Good Day Valsha

    I need help to you... my lvl 55 got error after i finish quest in OC.. the error was "Error:Character Selection" can you help me fix it please? my character is so important please help me :(

    ACCRETIA [IGN] = StaticLink
    Good Day Valsha!

    Me and my friends (10) are going to play in this RF Server.
    Can you please tell me what are the Top of the line donation set(Armors, elems,weapon). We are going to play the cora race.

    we 10 are all donators so please help us by answering the question.
    also, the donation link in the GameCP is not working.

    How to donate via MasterCard, Western Union, Paypal?
    Good day valsha!

    I want to donate. Kindly send me the details on how to donate via WU and the minimum amount.


    Hi Valsha,,
    GOOd day.

    I have a probleme with my account is said error...
    please do checH.

    Username: carlzcora
    Nick: MetzieAnn
    Race: cora

    Thank you
    sir can you give me the link of your full client im so confused here so many download link i dont know what am i going to choose
    account name : jennyfire
    pls help i dont know why i cant log-in my account and i cant vote
    this message always shows up
    Hacking Attempt detected... Please try later!
    i dint hack, is it a bug?
    Just wondering if you had the fix for the dreaded Error Login:Wrong Name fix? Have tried many different "Fixes" after using search on forums, But to no avail the issue still exists.
    Thank you for your time.
    I forgot my fireguard and can not log in just created this account to enter the forum or to try to communicate with the GM, my account has many intens value, help me name the account lippe2010 / feecamarg

    esqueci meu fireguard e não consigo mais entrar criei essa conta apenas para entrar no forum ou pra tentar me comunicar com o gm, minha conta tem muitos intens de valor, poderia me ajudar nome das conta lippe2010/feecamarg
    Read my message . . Where i can send my donation? Your old paypal account give me 1 years ago not active
    Good day Sir Valsha,
    can help me.. i cannot log in my Character when i reach 56 it got disconnected and when i try to select it its says Error: Character Selection.. i just transfered some of my items there cause im planning to make it my main char. :( how can i recover it?

    IGN: SuperGlue
    Hi Valsha I just wanna ask because this will be my coming back to play rf reactor and I would like to ask is there anyway I can donate again? because whenever I tried to click donate its giving me an error.

    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you

    valsha all my guns 70 + 7 disappeared from my account
    My leon arc 55 + 5 also gone my legacy blade
    how can I play like that was two weeks without login when I come back log some al ne is not difficult ve al q you can do so not because of tenses play without weapons
    especially now that i want to redefine my class
    sir I need some help here because my Laucher.exe or RFReactor Launcher say this "Downloading File : RF Reactor.exe"
    "Error : InternerReadFile()"
    "Failed Checking Downloaded File: Rf Reactor.exe"
    "Patching Done"
    I cant Play this game if its really like this
    hi sir valsha, we think manto A should be replaceable in the bank cause its too much expensive for a single item compare to BM armors.

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