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  • To the honorable leader Reactor Admin, I want to tell you that my id Lucian banned without proof and vilified by Shirayuke of 2010 ps and ps i got banned all forums I do not have a friend who helped me could not defend "I like the RF Reactor my almost 5 year always remember 'to the leadership Admin reactor Rf please return my id', I want to re-play 'ask GM CristalNinja' thank you AD.valsha
    sir i want to recover my account but i forgot my password and fireguard my username is evilmhadzdrei
    sir good day i recieved your reply about WU transaction.. sir for 50$ how much GP is that? i want to know first the exact value of 50$ to GP so that i can send higher amount
    sir valsha , i wanna ask for the real full client beacuse i download this.
    mirror № 2 - Direct link (use download manager)

    but yet lacking files !! zzzz need it badly.
    please PM me sir valsha i want to play badly.
    Hi Sir Valsha

    Please make some event in Rf reactor, the game is so boring, many players leaving the game because the pvp is less .. please do something to get some players..
    sir Valsha, I want ask link donation
    sir CN told me to ask you
    thanks a lot
    Hi valsha,

    I would like to ask if i can still retrieve my old account....
    my account name is Sadrian
    and my forum account can't send me the email to retrieve it.
    i retrieved my account thru email :3 please let me know what u can do about it...
    Thank you :)
    I just registered and followed the 4 alpha-numerical condition for the password but I can't even log it in. My password couldn't be too long or too short since it's accepted in any other game I played in the past. I need help on this error: wrong name
    dang, no one's answering my question or helping me i need help cant use my UMT at the moment because it wont let me take off the ores in it help.
    Hi, sir/ma'am i just want to ask what should i do about the ores on my UMT storage can't seem to take them off the storage tried relogging a couple of times i still can't take them off the UMT storage help!
    I created 2 accounts a few days ago, first one i couldn't log in to site nor in to game, so made a new account useing the recomended numbers, same thing, can't log in on site nor game.

    please help here
    good day sir valsha. just wanted to ask you if there are other ways to pay donation except credit cards. you know like, phone prepaid credits? it'll be a big help for us players here in the Philippines. thank you
    hi sir...
    I had been serving a sentence of 1 week. but why i can't open my id again ?
    please unbanned my character [THE][GIRL].
    it's not my fault. I buff from outside SZ elan. he went inside and took a picture. he also buff me of SZ elan. but I don't want to report it. cause I thought that I could ask again. it's not my first time in the buff in SZ elan and ether platform. I just want to play. I don't want to disturb others. so please help me sir...
    unbanned my character [THE][GIRL].
    Thank's for the help.
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