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  • i know its not to do with u bro but do u have contact with Valsha if so can u tell him many gp waiting to be processed we are trying to gain numbers at reactor again but without valsha keeping up with gp process its hard

    Do you how long it take (average) for Blaze to answer? I stopped playe here,would like to retrive my chars ( there was some issues with accounts in the past right?) So i know only my old passes that doesnt work anymore. Any ideas ? :)

    Not that fun in being a donater who keeps donate and cant get my account couse Blaze dont answer last mail
    Where is Blaze?
    Trying to retrieve my pw but dont work.
    I told all info to Blaze for 8 days ago
    Best regards
    Hi, i have a basic question about Christmas event:

    Are hair accessories from this event in particular bound to character? I mean can i trade them?
    hi... i started two days ago in this server but now when i try to log this say access failde. please update system files etc.. i tryed everything like update files manually , close antivirus full chek and nothing happend... i hope u can help me ty my acc is mois2193
    Hello Wio,

    I think my account has been blocked. Could you please tell me how we can fix this. What is the best method of communication?
    Hello GM, I would like to ask you the information of this following account name or IGN:
    1.badkent01<--- account name
    2.kisses01<---account name
    3.kisses03<--- account name
    4. DiscorD <--- IGN
    5. Skull02 <--- IGN
    6. GangstaBoo <-- IGN
    I stopped playing the game 2 years ago because my character got banned without a valid reason or wrong reports. I need your presence coz i want to play again. Please cooperate on me :) .

    And Thank you :)
    i m sory i was taken my my work !! yes i need this SET for 65 COLS, for Good farming and PVP !!! If you did not yet sold !!!
    I can hope !!
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