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  • Blaze isnt answering me for some reason, he should really help me, because this is a big missunderstanding
    acc name is Vytalis1111, i think my younger brother messed with it and i got baned, would it be possible to atleast IP ban lifted? cause i worked hard to get s gr items with my friend, and now i cant join him :(
    Wio it doesn't matter that I've been there or not. The thing is: you are "administrator" so act like REAL admin.
    And please, stop trying to scare me because it's pathetic.
    Your work? Tbh you do nothing - Telling everyone "wait for blaze" "he's busy" "I mailed him already".
    And when I finally told you that you made stupid as hell mistake you call it flaming XD
    Start reading posts more carefully and use proper english.
    Why are you deleting my posts Wio?
    I just showed other players that you don't know how GM Shop and blaze works.
    It hurts you somehow?
    ey man what happn with log in 50x server? I try to log in an account and send me "system error".. but I have 2 more accounts already log in.. we have a limit now for accounts?
    ok,let's see.first of all you don't even play x50 server.second you don't care about players problems,third u even dare to edit blaze photos and to talk to players in his name. and you keep spamming threads with useless posts. So u forgot about last ban? and the fact that u already got 2 infractions? well as i know from blaze 3rd infraction will end in a permanent ban.
    please consider it like changing your behaviour.."

    Dafuck is that?
    hi i have problem's with the AutoPatcher it don't want to say Start, and i stay and 30 min at it still don't let me click start game
    I was exping and got dc after i updated the Herb event O.O

    What is going on?

    i got "There is no time left on this account"
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