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    New Videos.

    Hi guys, I've done some new videos so if you're interested here's the link: Thank you :)
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    Lots of new videos..

    Hi.. I have some new videos, if you wanna watch some I give you the link.. Thank you
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    I believe that 10 people to start oly it's still too much. I suggest to make it 6, so we can have olympiad most of the time when we're allowed to sign. 6 people = 3 waves. /discuss Since, we cannot sign with more characters, feed it's impossible (with bots) so that's not a problem anymore. I...
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    New Videos October 2016

    Hi guys, I've got some new videos, If you feel like watching link is: Thank you
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    New videos!

    Hello guys, I'd like to share with you my last videos. 1. - Storm Screamer PVP 2. - Mystic Muse TW 3. - Selfies xd
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    Doombringer PVP/Siege Video
  7. Wio

    Olympiad Fights 2016 June
  8. Wio

    Olympiad Mystic Muse - New Video

    Hi, i got new video for olympiad mystic muse. Hope you like it. Thanks.
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    Olympiad Fights L2 Toxic

    New Video hope you like it. New Video. Olympiad Fights, Last Weekend!
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    New Video - Olympiad Fights September 2015 - Here i have Olympiad Fights September 2015, i recorded some nice fights from all players! Thanks for watching!
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    New Video - Mystic Muse Teritory War - Here i have Wio - Mystic Muse in Teritory War, hope you like it. Thanks for watching.
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    New Video - Doombringer Olympiad Hope you like it.
  13. Wio

    Phoenix Knight Movie - Olympiad & Little PVP

    Hi, i finished my new video. If you like it please rate it on youtube, thanks a lot for watching, gl.
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    NEW VIDEO! Wio - A Lost Hero, please watch! I hope you liked the video, little changed, not like the others!
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    New Video! Dominator Olympiad

    New video dominator olympiad if you think video it's good like it on youtube and subscribe. Thank you!
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    NEW Video!! Mystic Muse PVP + Olympiad Hope you like it. If you do please like it on youtube and subscribe if you don't mind.
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    New Video (Team vs Team)

    Hi, i did a new video, team vs team event. Hope you guys like it, peace.
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    If you can't login to game... System update!

    06.12.2014 - New System Update! If you can't login to game, update system folder! 1. Run LineageII.exe updater from LineageII game folder! 2. Or delete old system folder from LineageII game folder and unpack files from this archieve - to...
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    New video!

    Here is my new video, playing olympiad and little pvp outside with different characters. Let me know if you like or not :)
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    WTS Beleth +20

    WTS Beleth +20 offer me