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  1. TokaSan


    I have difficulties installing the patch. Mirror 1 wants me to download some instagram software instead of the patch. Mirror 2 says there is a virus in the patch, so my windows wont download it.
  2. TokaSan

    got any tank account i can play on for fun? :D

    got any tank account i can play on for fun? :D
  3. TokaSan

    Dream Team?

    <3 Well i do check it like once in two months when the boredom strikes me. Hope all them old guys are fine IG! :)
  4. TokaSan

    Dream Team?

    My gaze does not meet the name of ChunHei nor T0KA in any of those lists…. I shall soon spread cheeks and ram cock in toxic's ass! -.- On topic 1 - FeelmyB4ckstab 2 - T0KA 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - That was a nasty combo in the old days, no more players were needed to roll parties :i
  5. TokaSan

    Art video from Gennesis-VelakiasS-Kariolidio at Toxic

    Makes me reconsider my quitting of l2... NOT
  6. TokaSan

    USA alliance
  7. TokaSan

    CheGuevara vs SurA ( WoodenBear)

    Give me ur system colouring patch Pat, dat sh1t is cewl :)
  8. TokaSan

    pr0metheus leave server <=====

    sold* not solded...
  9. TokaSan

    Bla Bla dont live in real world! L2 4ever(BK+FH)

    i didnt understand a single word.
  10. TokaSan

    Wio's Moderator Status?

    Havent ever seen a paladin choose such crappy buffs :/ Y U NO BUFF PROPERLY
  11. TokaSan

    Wio's Moderator Status?

    Im playing, unholyc playing, lovelyangel playing, asesinofrio playing. rest dunno, but they are still a part of the l2 community, so they have a right to vote! Just because it doesnt go your way it doesnt mean its wrong, thats something to consider.
  12. TokaSan

    WTB Epics

    +10 QA, tezza +10, zaken +5. Gimme ur offers in col.
  13. TokaSan

    Class op?

    So basicly all the classes that are killing your poor ass are OP? Try to put ur hands in a urn filled with earth, put a little bit of horsesh*t in the urn and add water, keep them there for some days and u might grow hands. poor kid.
  14. TokaSan

    Wio's Moderator Status?

    I voted : "No" BUT.... I think hes the most active person IG atm, so if he could change his attitude, id like to give him another chance.
  15. TokaSan

    antharas & baium

    no ty
  16. TokaSan

    antharas & baium

    baium 60, antharas 75.
  17. TokaSan

    antharas & baium

    offer for both +10
  18. TokaSan

    echelon and others

    Have a nice one
  19. TokaSan

    Video Adventure

    "u are all dead, w8 here" - gotta love that xD
  20. TokaSan

    KICKERL7 vs T0KA

    Privet :) Who are u? Neah online is less than 5k, but there are ppl to pvp.