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  1. Wio

    New Videos.

    Hi guys, I've done some new videos so if you're interested here's the link: Thank you :)
  2. Wio

    questions about vitality

    Revita pop, you can find it in giran, many offline shops, rune as well, might be.
  3. Wio

    LF english speaking clan

    Well, forum it's not active anymore, since facebook took over and everyone's just doing their thing on facebook groups. The best thing you can do it's spam in game, or ask any hero to make HV for you. :)
  4. Wio

    What nice event you want in l2toxic?

    Update, after 2 years, blaze added shitloads of new very nice things. The only problem, e-mails. (My opinion) So, who's saying blaze doesn't care about the server, I doubt he's playing on L2Toxic.
  5. Wio

    Cant play

    Reinstall the game and make full updates with the Launcher, that's how you may fix all these kind of errors.
  6. Wio

    Coming back

    Email [email protected] he will sort it out for you.
  7. Wio

    Leveling on this server.

    What character are you playing? You can try bandit, outside, not inside but I think it's really hard if you are S grade, actually impossible. You will be able to farm in Primveal Isle, and most important New Farm Zones, where you can farm dynasty and I'm sure you will be able to make great...
  8. Wio

    potion user

    Use RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR it should work
  9. Wio

    Cant create new account

    Send e-mail to blaze.. he will fix it.
  10. Wio

    "our files contain no viruses"

    Well, in the past when people posted about this, blaze said: "Your antivirus was mistaken" so, that's all I know, lol, I ain't got any problems so..
  11. Wio

    "our files contain no viruses"

    Look, I used to get this error before when I was installing Lineage 2, the thing is that sometimes antivirus it's mistaken. I just allow my antivirus to let the installation to complete and it works fine after.. I ain't got problems with my computer or so.
  12. Wio

    Expand skill bars??

    You need to copy a file to your system but I don't have that file, you should post somewhere on facebook groups, you have more chances there.
  13. Wio

    potion user

    Depends, what program, what windows.. can you link us some photos, please?
  14. Wio

    LF ENG or GER speaking clan

    oh, hi, happy to see players joining cause of my videos. you should be able to join a clan, I've seen lots of recruiting, if you need help with something just write me in game or here.. welcome back!
  15. Wio

    Lots of new videos..

    Hi.. I have some new videos, if you wanna watch some I give you the link.. Thank you
  16. Wio

    Wio in game, but I m not online a lot due my work. You can ask me somewhere, facebook, youtube...

    Wio in game, but I m not online a lot due my work. You can ask me somewhere, facebook, youtube @Wio Dallas
  17. Wio

    Server Community

    I can understand that you're dissapointed with the server but I can assure you it's very hard to find a server like this one, you know how it says, the beginning it's always hard but after that you won't regret. You've got me to help you out, I ll make it easier stay here and play the best...
  18. Wio

    Server Community

    Every single new player, who finds it hard to make it in game, simply try to pm me, in forum, facebook or game. I try to help everyone, I just want something, if I help you, please consider playing for our sever, I like to help everyone but when they leave I feel like I waste my time. So to all...
  19. Wio

    Opinion for Oly

    I agree, DB are way too OP in olys.. I've got one, I m not happy when I m killing the others, just OP toon..
  20. Wio

    Lineage 2 crash report

    Everything working?