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  1. valsha

    SOI - Twins work? 100%?

    Hi, did you download our full client and system patch?
  2. valsha

    Auto CP

    Hi, we have updated our antibot security system to the latest version, now we need time fo fix Auto CP.
  3. valsha


    How to create a request for transfer\reroll to another class\char Dear L2Toxic Player, We have received your reroll request. To assist us in completing your reroll, please (i) review the below rules, (ii) make sure that you have completed all of the required preparations, and (iii) make sure...
  4. valsha

    If you can not log in...

    Cheap and free antivirus can detect that as virus, just put that file on exclusion list. FIRE.DLL is part of l2toxic guard system so is a important file put it on ignore list of ur antivirus program.
  5. valsha

    Whats going on???

    Don't worry blaze working with update, and he need some time to test and add new features, will also be added on a lot of what you asked.
  6. valsha

    Rates of the second server

    Hi Eru, glad to see you here. server will start in august.
  7. valsha

    send me PW with U account

    send me PW with U account
  8. valsha

    Lineage II high rate

    You speak about what players? Whence data about more than 3.000-5.000 players? Which players? Please, prove and tell to us more in detail. If there will be a necessity we in addition could start a server with x10-x15. Thanks.