Caravan, is it good enough?

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I am trying to come back on the server. I am actually one of the worst player in Lineage 2 on the planet, but L2 Toxic is now missing me too much. But my client bugged. I need to full uninstall + reinstall. I hope to see you all in the game really soon. Especially god players like Wio, Dabezt, Kukukoko and the others who know they are also gods.

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Well, hi and thanks for your kind words. Hopefully you get it solved. What kind of error are you getting?


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Aug 31, 2015
I do not remember well, because i've already restarted the downloading, but it was about antivirus doesn't allow me to start game.

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This is the message the Lineage 2 Crash report says:

Assertion failed: InPos<=Size [File:..\..\Core\Inc\FFileManagerWindows.h] [Line: 190]
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