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Oct 30, 2012

I am a light elf dagger and there is a bug that I need you to fix Plse. It is called mortal strike. It is suppose to raise my crit crate by 15 % when i use it and it does not change my crit rate. Buffed or unbuffed I have tried mortal stike and it does not do anything. Plse fix this character class bug.

ty lindse:rolleyes::flood:


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Sep 23, 2012
I don't think that's an issue on light elf daggers, 'cause mortal strike don't raise your regular attack critical rate, but your blow critical rate (or skill success rate). Expect better skill landing, not a higher critical number.


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Jun 21, 2010
100% correct Yosuf.

The information below is from hi5 database but it applies here:

Hit Time: 2000
Operate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)
Reuse Delay: 150000
Skill Type: BUFF
Target: Self (TARGET_SELF)

Effect Name: Buff
Total Time: 120 (1 Times x 120 seconds.)
Multiplies Blow Rate by value depending on level

The 'Blow Rate' is your chance to land skills like Deadly Blow, Lethal Blow etc. Here is information for Deadly Blow as an example:

blow Chance: 30
Cast Range: 40
Condition: Critical
Cool Time: 720
Effect Range: 400
Hit Time: 1080
1st Type Lethal Chance: 10
Auto-attack after Skill: true
Operate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)
Overhit: Yes (true)
Reuse Delay: 3000
Skill Type: BLOW
Target: Someone (TARGET_ONE)

The skills Backstab, Lethal/Deadly/Blinding/Critical/Mortal Blow are all of the same 'Skill Type: BLOW' and have a certain (base) 'blow Chance'. This is increased by a number of factors and the Self Buff 'Mortal Strike' is one of them. So it's not a bug that your 'Critical Rate' is not modified when you cast this.
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