Clan Recruiting - IMMORTALS is Looking for ACTIVE PLAYERS


New Member
Mar 1, 2020
Hello hello,

We just created a clan just yesterday. We are welcoming everyone to join so we can have fun, lvl up together & MAKE MONEY.

If you are new and want to have fun, and learn tips and PvP from the beginning, I think this is a good place to start.

1. Be active
2. Be fun and helpful.

We will help you level up no problem, everybody needs to be strong, to farm and get good gear.

Again we are accepting everybody to fill the clan, and lvl up our clan to the maximum level. This is going to primarily a clan for PvP. So we will prepare for fights once everyone is ready :)).

PM- Shewskis ,Joestar, Clownkiss, Cheeks for invite to IMMORTALS.

Ok see you soon !