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Nov 28, 2008

How to create a request for transfer\reroll to another class\char
Dear L2Toxic Player,
We have received your reroll request. To assist us in completing your reroll, please (i) review the below rules, (ii) make sure that you have completed all of the required preparations, and (iii) make sure you have provided us with all of the information requested below. If you do not follow these instructions closely, it will substantially delay your reroll request.​
(1). You can only move items to one character during your reroll. Please do not ask us to move your items to multiple different characters. If you need to move items between many characters, please submit a separate ticket after your reroll request is completed. The cost to move individual items between characters is listed in the Donation section of the GM Shop.​
(2). You can only change full armor sets during your reroll. You cannot change individual pieces of armor sets. Do not submit a request to change only one or two pieces of an armor set during your reroll request. Also, you cannot change D Grade, C Grade, B Grade, or A Grade armor sets at this time.​
(3). You cannot change clean weapons during your reroll. In order for you to change your weapons during your reroll, they must meet the following requirements: (S Grade) must have a Special Ability and 300 Attribute; (S80 Grade) must have a Special Ability, 300 Attribute, and be plus 6 or higher; and (S84 Grade) must have a Special Ability and 300 Attribute. If you need to change any other weapon, please submit a separate ticket after your reroll request is completed. The cost to change individual weapons is listed in the Donation section of the GM Shop. You cannot change D Grade, C Grade, B Grade, or A Grade weapons at this time.​
(4). You can only change items if your new character has passive skill masteries for those items (with the exception of certain items that are commonly used by all classes in the Olympiad, such as cancel daggers). For example, if you will reroll to a mage class, you cannot change armor sets to heavy, or change a weapon to a 2Handed sword. If you will reroll to a tank, such as a Phoenix Knight, you cannot change armor sets to robe, or change a weapon to a 2Handed fist. This rule applies to both armor sets and weapons. Please contact us in advance using the Support system if you have any questions regarding what items you can and cannot change during your reroll.​
(5). You cannot pick and choose which quest items you want to move during your reroll. All quest items and all items in your old character’s inventory will be moved to your new character. Items in your old character’s warehouse cannot and will not be moved.​
(6). You cannot change your mind and cancel your reroll request after is has been started. If you submit a reroll request and you change your mind after we have already started to move or change your skills or items, we will not be able to cancel your reroll. Once started, rerolls are permanent. If you change your mind, you will need to pay for a new reroll and submit a new reroll request.​
(7). You cannot move premium buffs during your reroll. If you purchased premium buffs on your old character, you will need to purchase them again on your new character.​
(8). Unless you are told otherwise, please use the Support system only to communicate with us regarding your reroll request. Also, do not create multiple new tickets or send multiple emails regarding the same reroll request. Be patient and wait for us to contact you regarding your reroll.​
Please read the following instructions very carefully. If there is information requested below that you did not include in your original reroll request, please edit you request and send a new clean request containing all of the required information.​
(1). Please provide the User ID, character name, and password for both accounts using the below format. Remember, you need to create a new account for your new character. Your new character must be level 1 at the time of your reroll request.​
  1. User ID:
  2. Character:
  3. Password:
  1. User ID:
  2. Character:
  3. Password:
(2). You must leave 60 Cols on your new level 1 character. If you do not leave 60 Cols on your new character, we will mark your ticket as closed and you will need to submit a new reroll request.​
(3). Tell us the race and class of your new character. Remember, you can only change your items to things that can be used by your new character. If you ask for items that cannot be used by your new character, you will not be allowed to change these items during your reroll.​
(4). Please state which of the below Forgotten Skills you had on your old character. You can only take these particular Forgotten Skills during your reroll if you already had them on your old character. These Forgotten Skills will be deleted from your old character after your reroll.​
  • Forgotten Scroll – Protection of Rune,
  • Forgotten Scroll – Protection of Elemental
  • Forgotten Scroll – Protection of Alignment
(5). Please provide a list of all other Forgotten Scrolls that you need on your new character. Please tell us the exact name of the Forgotten Scrolls that you need, for example, “Forgotten Scroll - Enlightenment - Wizard.” If you make a mistake, you may not get the correct Forgotten Scrolls.​
(6). Please tell us the exact name of the subclasses that you want on your new character. Please tell us BOTH the name of each subclass and the name and location of NPC that is used to take each subclass. We will level your subclasses to level 80. However, you will need to complete the subclass certification quest yourself to obtain your subclass certification skills.​
(7). We will notify you when your new character’s subclasses are completed. Please log your new character and use the Giant’s Codex in your inventory to make your new character’s skills +1. After your skills are enchanted to +1, you will then be able to use the old website to enchant your new character’s skills to the same level as your old character. Please make sure you make your skills +1 before you try to use the website to enchant your new character’s skills.​
(8). After you are finished enchanting your new character’s skills, please contact us using the Support system so that we can finish changing any items that were not already completed. After we finish changing your items, your reroll should be complete.​
(9). Again, please use our Support system only to notify us if you notice any problems during the reroll process. Do not send multiple emails or create multiple new tickets. You can also reach our to our Player Liaison, Toxic, in Discord. Please remember, Toxic cannot change your items, make important decisions regarding your reroll, or access your character. Toxic can only provide answers and information regarding the reroll process.​
(10). After you reroll is completed, all enchant skills and Forgotten Skills will be removed from your old character.​
Please be patient after you submit your reroll request. Please check your support ticket and answer any follow-up questions we may have regarding your reroll. If you notice any problems during your reroll, please explain these problems in detail in a ticket using the Support system on our new website. The Support system is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way for you to communicate with us. We will do our best to resolve any problems. If you refuse to cooperate or repeatedly violate any of the rules or instructions herein, your request to reroll your character may be denied.​
We hope you are enjoying L2Toxic, we appreciate your support, and we wish you the best of luck during the next Epic Raid Boss, Castle Siege, or Territory War. Thank you and happy hunting.​
Your L2Toxic Team,
Valsha, Admin
Umka, Gamemaster
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