My Suggestions for -> Hi5 Server

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Jun 15, 2013
Hello everyone!In this topic i will give my suggestions for the new Lineage 2 server *-*.

I play Lineage 2 since 2004,right now i have 18 years old and i come back to play Lineage 2,i try play on official server but sincerely i dont like it >.<,so i try find a low rate server with a good population online,like "Gracia PVP" but until now i not seen any server as I wanted =(.

I thought this new server could be an opportunity,becuase have a good GM,(Works hard all days to get a better server,despite being slow to create a server but when the ends,is simply perfect server <3),the server was open since 2009 and still got high population so i think this Hi5 server can become a server like Gacia PVP with high population =).

My Suggestions:

On Game add:
->Rates no more than x10, optimal are x7 or x10;
->NO autolearn;
->NO mana potions;
->NO autopickup;
->NO GM shop;
->Offline shop;
->Vitality system – Retail like;
->Fame system – Retail like;
->Olympiad jewelry – Retail like;
->Teleports not free - Retail like(Hard);
->Jewelry augmentation – retail like;
->Newbie buffs - until lvl 76;
->NO mana Potions;
->Dances/Songs = Time 5 minutes/20(2 minutos sucks);
->Class Change 1/2(Can Pay with Donation or money);
->Dont remove max enchanting;
->Add Elites Monsters(More xp and drop);
->Add ivls on Monsters;
->Add a Facebook Page(To inform players what's new);
->Create a Professional Trailer;
->On Donate Shop add:

-Xp Boost(Account Premium);
-Nick Color Name;
-Title Color Name;
-Change Email Account;
-Change Sex;
-Change Name Clan;
-My Teleport;
and much more :p

->On Web Site add:
-Add new Design becuase image background from web site,its from Wow Wolk(Lich King),in my opinion if you got a nice design and a site organized you can attract more people to the server(Professional WebSite = Gms experienced) and if your website is organized(With Settings,Tools,Restoration and many payment methods),it will all be easy to donate and vote =).

Sorry about my english but i hope you like my suggestions ,if you want you can give your opinion too :blush:
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Jun 12, 2013
1st no elite monsters (so we do it OLD SCHOOL)

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oh yea and a big +1


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Nov 5, 2009
Not to put down a good idea or suggestion. But been here a long time. And don't play L2.
I play RF and wonder if these threads on L2 ever get responses and game updates?
I've seen 2 patches since 2009 for new game content.
Quite frankly will be surprised if anyone actually will read these threads that will add or change anything.

HS out.
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