Suggestions for a new player.


New Member
Oct 16, 2012
Hello guys, I've been looking for a good server for a long time with my friend and this one seems to be quiet promising and balanced and the donations are not too pay to win for my opinion. We haven't played lineage 2 for a long time probably about 7yrs so we are a bit lost and can't remember alot of stuff.

What would be a good tip or advice for new players regarding what we should be focusing on doing first? Should we create a spoiler and an artesan and craft some Gear and sell it for adena for example? Whats the best way to make adena? Also how hard is to get Jewellery raid boss like anthy, valakas, bium etc etc? Is a dreadnought worth creating and spending time gearing it up?
Sorry if I'm asking too much shit lol. Any type of advice is appreciated.